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       Elegance In Dance Policies:

1- (Wedding couple students only)

 If you are two weeks or less away from your wedding, it is mandatory for you to enroll in one of our training programs. Whether you have purchased a coupon or not, EID will not  confirm a lesson otherwise for this time frame. Enrollment most be confirmed before you book your first lesson. If you purchased a coupon in advance EID will add the coupon lessons to your training package.

2- Lesson programs are none refundable but are transferable at the discretion of EID.

3- Lesson cancellations are within 24 hours via email, otherwise your  lesson will be charged. 

4- Please review FAQS and Programs and Rates Portals.  This is  extremely important. 


5- (Wedding couple students only)

If you are more then two weeks away from your wedding you  will need to enroll in one of our training

programs the day of your introductory lesson.  It's in your best interest to do so asap. Thinking about it or putting it off for later will only result in your wedding dance possibly  not being ready on time. Your teachers need a direct answer right there and then so that they have ample time to plan out and  prepare you both correctly for your wedding day dance. Before you book an introductory lesson, plan to adjust both of  your work schedules for  twice a week dance training lessons and enrollment in one of our three training programs.  It's the most efficient way to ensure a successful outcome.

6- (Wedding couple students only)

Before you book an introductory lesson with EID, ask yourselves these three questions: 1- Are you both ready to commit time within your weekly work schedules for once or twice a week private wedding dance training?  2 - Are the EID program rates within your budget range?  3 - Are you both committed to making this dream of a wedding dance happen no matter how many lessons it takes?  If the answer is yes to these three questions, then EID is the right fit for your wedding dance training dreams. 

7- The registration form must be fully completed correctly.  EID needs the full contact and information for both parties. EID will not confirm any lessons unless this process is completed.  Incomplete  registrations will delay your start time. 

8 -  (Groupon Wedding Couple Students Only)

A groupon introductory lesson is a starter lesson.  It is not a regular training lesson.  This is only step 1 of the process.  In order to start full wedding dance training, you will both need to enroll in an EID lesson training program.  It is very important to keep in mind that just because you enroll in one of our programs does not mean that you will complete your training on that first program. You may need to renew your program once or several times until you are both fully ready and properly prepared.  It is important to remember that everyone learns at different speeds and every  wedding couple varies on retention of the choreography.   That is the commitment you both have to understand and be willing to invest in.

10- (New students only)

 If you contact Elegance In Dance to book a lesson be fully prepared to start the same day or the same week. We are going to move to get you started asap. This applies also to anyone who purchases an introductory lesson or has enrolled in a training program. We value each student with a sense of urgency.  Also,  please do not request time slots weeks in advance.  That is not our protocol.  

11- (New wedding couple students)

**** Very important ***Please do not try to take in more then you can handle in one introductory lesson. To try to take in more then you can handle, or to think you can just wing it is a recipe for disaster. This kind of thought process only leads to confusion, frustration,  and  ultimately an argument.  Negativity is   something you both do not want to bring  into a wedding.  Weddings are stressful enough! So please, invest in our lessons and in yourselves to learn a new skill as a couple.    Let the trained professionals train and guide you both properly so that your wedding dance is something that you will look back on with pride  for years to come.

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